Los Santos Life RolePlay is a free to play, friendly and unique Grand Theft Auto 5 Server currently based on the Xbox One and has been open to the public since July of 2017. We pride ourselves on the hard work, time, effort and love that has built the very foundations of such a long-lasting and successful community that will stay in the hearts of many for years to come.



We are based out of the United Kingdom but have a  player-base ranging all over the world. No Nationality, Race or Ethnic background is discriminated against by any member or administrator within our community to ensure a welcoming and enjoyable time in our community for all our members. Every Second, Minute and Hour that has been put into this community was done for one single reason, to build not just a group of friends, but a family that will welcome, congratulate and help you through your experience in one of Xbox's most dedicated servers.


If that is not enough for you, there are so many more reasons why you should join us. Our CAD/MDT, Media Accounts, Justice System, and Progressive Rank System have all been carefully chosen or made in order to produce the very best Scenes and scenarios you could get on a console-based server. There is also one major difference between us and other Servers, we offer more than just the basic cop vs civilian "traffic stop, pursuit and repeat" scenarios. We offer you the chance to be whomever you wish to be for as long as you wish with our progressive storylines and banking system. really immerse yourself in what it feels like to go from broke to Billionaire in whatever way you wish; grind your own job, open your own business, or even take the contract and earn easy cash through the dark side of San Andreas, there are absolutely no limitations.



We hope you enjoy your time with us!


- LSLRP's Administration Team

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Bigger Isn't Better?


Here at LSLRP, we believe that what makes a community the best is not the member count, we believe a community shouldn't be judged on its player base. To us, those in our community, are what make us work the way we do, we believe that active, friendly members are the way forward and keeping inactive members just for static's sake is not what a community should be judged upon. We ensure that all of our members are regularly active within the community, and meet our minimum expectations of being a member and are positive influences for our newer/younger members to count them as apart of our community. So we urge anyone reading this to not judge us, or any other community on their member count, or even on their active player base, but on the opportunities and friendships they bring. It's together that the future of this server can be bright and can be enjoyed by many others in years to come, just as thousands have in the past. 

Age Limit

To ensure our server maintains both its professionalism and enjoyment for members, only applicants aged thirteen and over will be considered for the community. 

At this point in time, the age requirement for Civilian Operations has been increased to applicants aged fifteen and over, as requested by the CO Administration Staff. All current server members will maintain their spots in the department for the foreseeable future.

If you still wish to be a Civilian within our community, all server members of any age will be available to apply for Civilian Reserve when applications release, hopefully, this will encourage our current first Responder Personnel to join us in supporting our Department!

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21/11/19 - Let the festivities begin!

17/11/19 - Server Store Updated.

16/11/19 - Mod Commands bug fix.

14/11/19 - Christmas Rp Announcement (1).

10/11/19 - Server Store Updated.

10/11/19 - Remembrance Event.

9/11/19   - New Staff Members Announced

6/11/19   - Minor bug fixes.

3/11/19  - Server Store Updated.

1/11/19  - Business Update Announced.

31/10/19 - Haloween Roleplay.

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Thank you

The Administration Team here at Los Santos Life Roleplay would like to say a massive Thankyou to all our members over the past 10 months, who have all been amazing at supporting us in developing and expanding the community back to where we once were. As of now, we have almost made our way back to 100, fully active members, all of which bring so much to our community as a whole. We hope LSLRP runs far into the future, and we can have many more moments like this in the future.

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