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Los Santos Life Roleplay is the most professional and immersive Grand Theft Auto Community on the Xbox one, offering a wide array of fun and rewarding, challenges, events and activities to build a lively and fulfilling atmosphere for our members. With an astonishing three and a half years in service, we have been open to the public since July 2017.

Become a Civilian in the thriving, bustling streets of Los Santos, or take up residence in the barren county land, opening up a wide array of Jobs, businesses and properties you may individually purchase for your own capitalist needs. Help expand the San Andreas Economy throughout tasks, events, and other interesting and unique opportunities offered to you from a wide network of Tycoons and Government Tyrants as you climb the meaningless wealth ladder of life, working overtime for that quick buck. Maybe you would prefer to act out your own, less fulfilling destiny and get stuck in an ever spiralling life of crime, just to be hunted down by the Cities most valuable detective force. LSLRP's "Life Roleplay" experience adds to the Immersivity other servers give you, setting everyone a blank canvas to forever expand to their own creative ideas and fantasies. 

A detailed and well-regulated Law Enforcement Structure is also offered to the members of our community, allowing for the growth and development of the streets rookie officer, with a wide arrange of detailed and realistic divisions to pick from.

It is our privilege to work with such an amazing group of individuals that offer insights to so many different walks of life we may never get to see outside your doorstep, and we would like to thank all our dedicated members for putting us where we are today. We greatly encourage any individuals deliberating over choosing our server to experience the rest of this website, to realise just what potential our non-profit community has to offer you,


- LSLRP's Administration Team

Bigger Isn't Better?


Here at LSLRP, we believe that what makes a community the best is not the member count, we believe a community shouldn't be judged on its player base. To us, those in our community, are what make us work the way we do, we believe that active, friendly members are the way forward and keeping inactive members just for static's sake is not what a community should be judged upon. We ensure that all of our members are regularly active within the community, and meet our minimum expectations of being a member and are positive influences for our newer/younger members to count them as apart of our community. So we urge anyone reading this to not judge us, or any other community on their member count, or even on their active player base, but on the opportunities and friendships they bring. It's together that the future of this server can be bright and can be enjoyed by many others in years to come, just as thousands have in the past. 

Age Limit

To ensure our server maintains both its professionalism and enjoyment for members, only applicants aged thirteen and over will be considered for the community. 

At this point in time, the age requirement for Civilian Operations has been increased to applicants aged fifteen and over, as requested by the CO Administration Staff. All current server members will maintain their spots in the department for the foreseeable future.

If you still wish to be a Civilian within our community, all server members of any age will be available to apply for Civilian Reserve when applications release, hopefully, this will encourage our current first Responder Personnel to join us in supporting our Department!

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Ryan H.

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"If you want to roleplay in GTA V on Xbox, LSLRP is the #1 place to be. The community is the perfect size to build connections with other members, and still have a full lobby every single day. There are so many different departments and jobs you can have, that the possibilities are endless. You're missing out by not joining LSLRP."

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