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Chain Of Command

Dispatch Director

Deputy Director

Operations Commander

Dispatch Manager

Dispatch Supervisor


Senior Operator 


Operator I - III

Training Operator

San Andreas Communications Department


San Andreas Communications Department

The SACD is the nerve center of every raid, drug bust, sting operation, SWAT clearance, and patrol. It is our job to provide the crucial "behind the scenes" assistance to every officer and distressed civilian who is making a 911 call. It is our duty to work quickly, professionally and flawlessly to every call whether big or small. We are the heart of the San Andres Emergency Services and is, without a doubt, the most vital department in Law Enforcement. 



Why Join SACD?

Joining SACD means you are allowed to swap over to any law enforcement department after a minimum of 2 weeks as a dispatcher. After you begin the transfer process, it will require you to serve the SACD for at least another week while you complete your LEO training and serve the department as your secondary department until your transfer period ends. You do not require GTA 5 or an xbox. However, you do require to have a Computer/laptop to run our CAD/MDTs dispatch page. You must have a good headset and a clear voice.



To apply for SACD, you need the following equipment:
-A Computer/laptop
-Access to the Internet
~A working mic

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