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The goal of the San Andreas Fire Department is to build a team of hard-working, focused and knowledgeable individuals, to not only save lives but serve our great state and those sworn to protect it. Whether the call requires medical, fire or search and rescue, it is our duty to save the lives of those who rely on us, no matter the circumstances.

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The Oath

As a member of the San Andreas fire department, I recognize that I am given a special trust and confidence by the state to ensure that not only is my equipment is stored and used effectively, but I am also up to date with all training programs that require my attention.


I shall ensure that I shall behave in accordance with the Code of Ethics, rules and regulations of both the department and the server for so long as I am a member of the San Andreas Fire Department.

I shall Ensure that in the performance of my duties, I always give my best of fort in every call, regardless of the race, gender or background of those it includes, I will perform any/all legal medical practice quickly and safely to ensure the best possible chance for the patient(s) I am treating, so to ensure the people’s rights and the due help is guaranteed to all.

I shall Adhere to the standards and principles of professionalism and integrity at all times, leaving my personal life out of work as an example for all to follow.


Why Us?

Here at LSLRP, we are lucky enough to have a professional and thriving Fire Department that is trained in all kinds of First Aid and Medical procedures that will be effective in a wide range of the intense and sometimes bizarre callouts you will encounter day after day. In-depth training manuals hand made by the department command staff can provide crucial information at any given time, paring this with other well trained medical or fire personnel and scenarios are endured to run better than you have seen on any other Console Based server. Here at the SAFD, we are not only guaranteeing you a well run, active department, but also a friendly, positive family that will grow with you through your time here at LSLRP.


Deputy Chief

Battalion Chief



Fire Marshal



Firefighter II

Firefighter I



CTT Paramedic



Ambulance - [MEDIC-#]

Fire engine - [ENGINE-#]

Fire Truck - [TOWER-#]

Heavy Rescue - [RESCUE-#]

Tender - [PUMP-#]

Chief/Battalion SUV [CAR-#] 

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The History Of The SAFD


The SAFD was founded in the LSLRP community in September

of 2017 under the name of "San Andreas First Responders". The

SAFR was a small group of Self Trained Officers that attended

Vehicle Crashes, Shots Fired and other various medical calls,

applying first aid and Transporting Casualties in the back of

larger Law Enforcement vehicles or Ambulances in the attempt

to add a little bit more realism to the Scenarios created. After a

large success, in October of that year, The “San Andreas First

Responders” changed its name to “San Andreas Fire Rescue” and formed an official department, issuing training and regulations to all those involved.


By December of that same year, The SAFR received possibly the biggest server re-haul by the administration staff during the launch of LSLRP 2.0 and, once again, received a new name. From the first of January to the present day, the Department has been known as the “San Andreas Fire Department” and has received 9 Different Fire Chiefs, each of which have brought various pieces of knowledge and information to the ever-growing SAFD academy.

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