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Our Vision

To produce a fun, active and unique approach to Roleplay by frequently expanding our different systems in order to bring Los Santos and the world we live in together. We are determined to provide an experience like Xbox players have never seen before, to add not just buyable cars, houses weapons and clothes, but to build an economy brick by brick until we have made more than just a city, but a way of life

Why join us?


Here at LSLRP, we provide not only a Police Focused server but also one based around the life and future goals of Civilians. Lose yourself in a world where dreams become reality and thoughts become your everyday life - a world of events, challenges and opportunities that will affect the overall life of your character. On the 1st of January 2018, a server reset resulted in the addition of a New CAD, justice system and money system. Since then, we have been constantly developing and improving these systems each and every week.

The Civilian Operations Dept. requires both patience and imagination, but civilians with these values will thrive in this hard-working, well-structured environment. Open to paths from any stretch of life, we can offer the single best civilian experience available on Xbox.

Chain Of Command

Civilian Director

The Head of Civilians, also known as the Civilian Director, is the highest-ranking Civilian within the server. With full control over his department and members, they are responsible for monitoring the administration and behaviour of his/her Command team, as well as approving the regular updates towards the life of Civilians within and outside of Patrols. 

Civilian Deputy Director

The Deputy Head Civilian is responsible for monitoring the activity of the Civilian Department, including the productivity of the businesses within and around the state, as well as updating and monitoring work on the SOP and other important documents.

Civilian Assistant Director

The Assistant Civilian Head is responsible for the administration and coordination of the Civilian Commanders and their duties to monitor and report back on activities and issues the department is facing, for fast and reliable solutions.

Civilian Commander

Civilian Commanders are incharge of working with the Civilian Supervisors in order to provide accurate and reliable information to members of the server regarding questions and issues they are facing, as well as mini moderating patrols to reduce the problems raised to server moderators.

Civilian Supervisor

Assisting members of the community with the correct information, they need to be a well-disciplined member of the department. They often work closely with supervisors of other departments to help the biggest department within the server to run smoothly and professionally

Civilian Advisor

Civilian Advisor is the first rank in the Command Staff CoC. They are responsible for welcoming all new members, and making announcements on specific issues around the department. They are the backbone of the Civilian Department.

The Class System

Civilian Trainee - Given On Entry
Unemployed - Complete Training
Lower Class - $5,000
Working Class - $10,000
Lower Middle Class - $25,000

Middle Class - $50,000
Upper Middle Class - $75,000
Upper Class - $100,000
Executive Class - $150,000
First Class -$250,000


Here in the LSLRP Civilians department, we hold a wide range of fun events that civilians can optionally join to earn some money or just for a good time. These events are usually planned as large scale scenarios that are unscripted but have an objective for the participants to complete. Whether this be a drug deal, terrorist attack or a paintballing match, you are guaranteed to have a good time and earn some great cash rewards

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One of the key reasons that we are the best Civilian department on the console is our one of a kind economy system. Allowing civilians to quite literally go from rags to riches as they climb the wealth ladder. Buying homes, starting businesses or joining gangs are just some of the ways you can make the most out of our economy. Choose from hundreds of vehicles, buy weapons or ascend through the class system as you are bled dry on your spending spree.

Combat 18

Beginning their reign of terror back in 2020, Combat18 has made quite the name for themselves among the community. One of the best, story rich groups within our server, Combat18 is the most infamous group to step foot in Blaine County. They're well known for their heavy weaponry and vast attacks on Public Officials. 


More recently, they have changed gears. They have a new enemy in mind, The Mayor. Since Mayor Chad Jones has won the mayoral election, Combat18 have done everything in their power to bring him down. Whether it's assassination attempts, or social media slander, Combat18 seems to always come out on top..


Join Us today to see what happens next in the Combat18 vs The World saga 

Department Administration


Chris S. [CIV-01]

Head of Civs


Aidan M. [CIV-02]

Deputy Head of Civs


Ryan H. [CIV-03] 

Assistant Head of Civs

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