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Special Weapons And Tactics


SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) officers are members of highly trained paramilitary units that tackle situations beyond the capability of conventional police forces. SWAT teams are called in when an incident presents significant risk to law enforcement officers or the public. These elite professionals use their advanced training in weapons, teamwork and strategy to resolve crises such as:



•Counter terrorism operations

•Apprehension of armed and barricaded suspects

•Suicide intervention

•Warrant service under fire

•Protection of visiting dignitaries

•High-risk search and seizure

•Covert and undercover operations

•Crowd and riot control

•Fugitive tracking in rural environments

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The SWAT Academy is a grueling 3 part course that will test the patience and determination of the candidates. This involves a run, swim, skydive, shooting test, hand to hand combat course and an obstacle course, followed by a heavy vehicle EVOC assessment and a run-through of uniform and equipment. Once all the candidates have either passed or been dropped out of the course, those that remain will move on to multiple hours of FIBUA training, based on a real California SWAT course that has been adapted to suit the circumstances that can be done in GTA 5.

After Graduating, the whole SWAT team should sit a mixture of staged scenarios every 1-2 months to ensure they are still up to standard.

Our SWAT Division Allows senior officers to take their training one step further and join LSLRP's most elite service as they go through accurate, SWAT based training that tests their thinking, shooting, evasion and communication abilities. Every second counts when dealing with a situation that is going to end in life death.

The SWAT division opens up to officers ranked corporal and above and hold a clean record throughout their police career. Within the team, a multitude of positions are offered to SWAT offers to specialize in. Members of the fire department are also welcome to apply for this branch under the role of medic

Chain Of Command


The SWAT Commander is the highest-ranking individual within the higher command team. Taking an administrative position over the training and scenario command of teams in the field. Able to control up to three deployed teams at a time, the Commander of the SWAT unit is of a high level of intelligence and tactical knowledge.


The Vice-Commander is the second-highest position within the SWAT higher command team, Responsible for creating and sending out admin orders, the Vice-Commander is responsible for the logistics behind every SWAT operation, also taking on the responsibilities of the Commander in his absence.


Each Captain is responsible for their own individual sections, leading a team of up to 8 Officers through both training and fieldwork. A hands-on job that connects the Higher command to the teams on the ground.

Staff Sergeant

The Second in command for each section. Assisting the Captain in groundwork and prepping the Weapons and Equipment of each operation before and after it takes place. Responsible for his own fire team and prepared to take the place of the Captain in his/her absence.


The Third in command of each section, assisting with the training of units within quarters and usually the most rearward person within an advancing unit, providing a last commander of the team in case the injury of ground command.


A well-proven and trusted private, showing his/her capability both within the training and in the field. This rank is awarded to those who prove themselves with both time and experience within a team.

Field Medic

The exclusive rank given to field medics from the San Andreas Fire Department, allowing the administration of extensive first aid to suspects, civilians and other officers if the opportunity arises. Recognized by the alteration in uniform and positioning toward the back of each unit, the Field Medic must still have passed out of the academy program with the same results as other candidates.


The first rank is given to an official member of a Special Weapons And Tactics officer, fresh of out training and ready to be called out to fieldwork, under the close supervision of other ranking Officers


A SWAT recruit is an individual that has successfully completed the application and interview stage of their Assessment, showing their worth as an Officer and Prepared to enter the academy program.

Potential Enlisted

A title automatically given to applicants to classify them separately to other officers. At this stage, they will be assessed on their individual work in the field and will require a written assessment from their department supervisors to refer them towards the SWAT command staff.

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