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What is a Season?

A Season is a Representation of a period of time throughout the Roleplay. Each season will last 3 calendar months and has a key theme/Incident that will shape the experience of both civilians and officers. The Servers Administration team will plan and organise these events in advance and will introduce them periodically without revealing anything to those that are unaware of the upcoming scenario. At the end of each season, there is a Major server-wide event which will offer exclusive rewards to participants and will be completely different to the experience we provide on a day to day basis.


How do I Become Apart of a Season?

For obvious reasons, all events and scenarios will be limited to members of the Los Santos Life Roleplay Comunity and will take place over as many active lobbies as possible, these will usually be unannounced and will be handled by Law Enforcement and Civilians is the appropriate and usual way, meaning there is no certain way to be involved other than attending regularly. The final season event will be announced in advanced and will only take place over a single server, on a first-come, first-serve basis, meaning not everyone will be able to take part, but will be able to watch it on our social media afterwards.

Will I Be Uploaded to YouTube, Twitch Ect.?

As a member of the Los Santos Life Roleplay Community, you are agreeing to the fact that your audio and registered name can be released on any of our social media platforms at any time. Members who take part in patrols are regularly recorded, to be edited and released over our various social media platforms, including Instagram and Youtube. With this in mind, all events and scenarios will be recorded where possible and will be uploaded for public viewing in our new Youtube series, releasing soon.

Season 2 - Coming Soon

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