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Welcome To Blaine County

Integrity | Leadership Authority

Sheriff's Office Expectations

Everyday Blaine County has action. From dealing with drug investigations, homicide investigations, house raids, and even a  basic traffic stop. There is so much area to be covered in Blaine County, and so many opportunities. As a deputy in the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, you have sworn an oath to enforce the law fairly, commitment to professionalism, service to the community with integrity and trust, and obligation to duty with honor and pride. This will carry on throughout every single patrol, meeting, and encounter you have with the community, while you proudly wear your badge of gold You will protect your community and claim it as yours. Our goal is ensuring the safety and security of all the citizens of Blaine County.


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Standard Operation Procedure 

Our Code and Conduct is crucial to us here at the Sheriff's Office, so we ensure all our Officers regularly revise their SOP as well as provide it with regular updates at every opportunity.

As a Blaine County Sheriff, it is the duty of all personnel to ensure the following department regulations are followed not only by tour individual person but by the whole Department and that breaches are reported to the chain of command immediately. If you are found in the knowledge of a clear breach of these regulations, you may be penalized for the obstruction of justice, resulting in warnings, a ride-along program or demotion within the department.

" The Blaine County Sheriff's Office is a department for the resilient, hard-working and dedicated deputies who risk their lives every day to protect civilians and wildlife alike. Joining the BCSO guarantees you adventure, excitement and risk day after day. It may not be an easy job, but it's one you will never forget."

BCSO Promotion Video 2021

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Chain Of Command


The Sheriff of Blaine County is the highest-ranking member in the Department and is responsible for the department as a whole. They must listen to and implement features to improve the department and have the final say on all issues.



The Undersheriff is responsible for running the administrative side of the department. As well as updating the Sheriff on department activities and major concerns within the department and overseeing Command Staff Operations.

Sheriff Colonel

The Sheriff Colonel is in charge of organizing and listening to the department's supervisors, ensuring the members are both listened to and watched closely, especially among lower ranks. They must also deal with complaints submitted regarding the senior staff and other higher-ranking officers, as well as keeping the other command staff informed about decisions taken regarding promotions and demotions.


The Commander(s) are part of the command staff team. They oversee all department policies, patrols, divisions, supervisors, and procedures. They work with the Undersheriff to decide on major choices, such as Sub-division Directors and Department Supervisors. 


A Major is a highest-ranking officer within the department who does not hold an administrative position. They report to the command staff about the progress of any and all supervisors, sub-divisions, patrol units, department policy, and much more. The will often oversee large patrols and can deal with any issues brought to them by other Senior Staff members without following the chain of command unless they deem it necessary.


A Captain is the first rank in the Senior Staff team and is responsible for assessing and watching Sergeant and other supervisors. They must report back to higher command regarding disciplinary actions that need to be taken and have a major input in decisions made that directly affect members. At this rank, officers are now eligible to be watch commanders for the department in the absence of higher command.


A Lieutenant is the top rank in the Blaine County Sheriff Office's Supervisor team, responsible for watching and looking after the newly promoted Supervisors and Training Staff to ensure they are receiving the correct training and guidance to help them develop into natural leaders. In the event that a member of the Administration Staff or Senior Staff is not available, information regarding patrol and promotions may be passed down to officers of this rank.

 Sergeant - Master Sergeant

The next three ranks are the first supervisory positions within the department, allowing officers to be dispatched to scenes requiring someone with higher authority than the initiating officer. Officers of this rank are also able to now direct a sub-division if the opportunity becomes available. 

Corporal - Senior Corporal

A Corporal is the Departments's first Training Supervisor rank and proves you have outshone others in the field. You are now eligible to begin your Supervisor Training Course and apply to be an Academy Helper if you so wish.

Deputy I - Deputy III

Becoming a Sheriff Deputy means you are officially a member of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. Deputy I is the status given to all officers after the complete their probationary course. Deputy II is the official rank where you may apply to be apart of a subdivision.

Probationary Deputy

Congratulations on passing your Academy exam, but it's not ever yet. As a Probationary Deputy, you are now able to patrol by yourself or with loose guidance from a supervisor. Once you pass your probationary stage, you have officially completed the academy and are ready for your passing out parade.


The first steps onto the career ladder with the  Blaine County Sheriff's Office. This is the entry-level classification given to all civilians who sign up for the Law Enforcement Academy.

 Warrant Services 


The Warrant Services Division is comprised of some of the most tactically able Sheriff's in Blaine County, responsible for Executing Warrants for some of the most Dangerous Fellows in the State. With access to the Los Santos County Sheriff's Office, our State Wide Durisduction means that our officers must constantly be at maximum performance to ensure our job is done efficiently and safely.

Senior members of our team are automatically put forward for Future SWAT selection due to their experience, making this the ideal sub-division for deputies to approach if they have an interest in strong team bonding, Impeccable self-discipline, and a brand new SUV.

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  • Execute high-risk Search Warrants

  • Work alongside the CID to track and catch suspects all over San Andreas

  • Lead Police raids on large crime organizations and buildings throughout the State

  • Administrate requested Search Warrants from across San Andreas.

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 Wildlife Rangers


The Wildlife Rangers Division of the Blaine County Sheriff's Office is without a doubt the most unique and vastly ranging experience you could be offered as a Law Enforcement Officer. 

From the towering mountains of Chiliad to the beaten paths of Raton Canyon, the wilderness of San Andreas is your home and the Wildlife is what you swore to protect. From plane crashes, Arson and Forest fires to Fishing Violations, Animal Protection, and lost adventurers - What happens in the wilderness is your top priority, ensuring both humans and Wildlife are valued and protected with the utmost care.  

With a Ranger SUV as your chariot, it is your sworn duty to protect San Andreas, and investigate any and all threats against it.

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