Welcome To The Diamond Casino & Resort

In LSLRP, the Diamond Casino is a key part of your time here in San Andreas. Owned by one of the richest Business men of Liberty City, the Casino was renovated in Mid August of 2019 to allow the Islands Citizens to burn through their bucks as they steadily climb their way to fortune or slip away into the abyss of poverty. Try your hand on one of the card games, place money on one a high end race or spin the wheel of fortune with winnable tickets to win cash, clothes, or even an "off the market" car!

Come down and join us every Sunday night between 19:00 and 21:00 for a free wheel spin and special deals on selected vehicles!



Cash For Credits

Whether you fancy yourself as a gambler or simply want to take a brows of our exclusive store - we will role out the red carpet for any of our exclusive VIP members, as you strut your way into the heart of San Andreas. Purchase one of our custom Diamond Chips and play against the house, or simply go broke buying from our luxurious,  high end, private dealer - ready to kit you out in the most exclusive merchandiser in southern San Andreas.

- Chips start from anywhere from $10 a Chip

Rooms For Royalty

So What happens if you do win big? On one side you could spend the money on something sensible, like your future... A new house... A holiday... Your Mother... but what if you want to go bigger? Or what if you want to treat yourself to a few drinks But cant because you have nowhere to stay? No problem - We offer the most luxurious of penthouses for our most privileged guests to stay the night. With beds fit for a king, showers fit for a queen and Butlers fit for a 1860's White man - we have everything you need to make you feel at home!

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